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Whether you would like your flat, house or villa cleaned, we can dispatch a team to the desired location in the shortest possible time and fulfill the task according to your wishes.
You can opt for two types of cleaning packages:

– Quick Cleaning, consisting of basic cleaning services executed regularly
– General Cleaning, which includes more advanced services, but executed less frequently

Quick Cleaning
General Cleaning

We offer cleaning services for businesses, offices or commercial / production areas. There are several benefits of outsourcing this activity: for example, you don’t need to manage your own staff and there are no costs regarding equipment and supplies. The end result: a more efficient cleaning process. We adapt to your program and make sure that the cleaning operations do not affect your employees’ schedule. Our presence will be experienced by the quality of our service and the bright and refreshed spaces that we leave behind.

Modern and not at all costly, hiring a company to handle the entire cleaning process of apartment houses is both a fast and comfortable solution. Administrators and tenants can all benefit from such a service. Our goal is to exempt you from the stress of keeping common spaces clean and hygienic.
The service includes:

  • – sweeping and washing the stairwell
  • – removing dust from letter boxes, removing spider webs
  • – cleaning the railing
  • – washing elevators
  • – cleaning doormats at the main entrance as well as each flat
  • – collecting trash from the baskets located in the stairwells

One of the biggest challenges after a construction or renovation is cleaning up. Dust, traces of paint, cement remnants or other difficult stains can only be removed by using special equipment and substances. Our company has both the staff and the necessary means to achieve a completely clean space after construction or renovation.
The service includes:

  • – collecting rubble
  • – cleaning off traces of paint, lime or cement
  • – external cleaning of electrical panels
  • – removing labels glued to windows, frames
  • – cleaning walls using a vacuum cleaner
  • – cleaning balustrades
  • – pipe cleaning
  • – cleaning and washing tiles
  • – cleaning sockets and switches
  • – cleaning the kitchen and sanitary groups
  • – cleaning and treatment of wood, glass and stainless steel surfaces
  • – cleaning of luminaires
  • – garbage disposal

A commercial space can’t really shine unless its windows are clean. In certain places the cleanliness of glass surfaces is considered a kind of business card. That’s why Dakota Cleaning Service offers professional services for cleaning windows and showcases. We possess all the necessary expertise to make windows, frames and windows sills shine new again.

We are bringing the benefits of chemical cleaning to your home by offering a way to remove dirt and stains from your carpet or sofa. The injection-extraction method is the most efficient and most often requested service of ours. The principle of operation is to spray on the surface and introduce into the depth of the fabric a mixture of water and active detergent to quickly dissolve dirt. Immediately after injection the dirty liquid is removed by vacuuming and deposited in a residual tank. The injection-extraction technology results in the rapid cleaning of persistent dirt without adverse effects like unpleasant odors, stagnant water in the fabric, moisture or mold.

Water is almost completely eliminated, thus only a short time is needed for drying. Dust and impurities are also removed, eliminating microbes and mites, and avoiding other inconveniences such as asthma, allergies or rhinitis. After washing, the colors become vibrant again and the fibers fluffy.

When we talk about our General Cleaning service, we examine in detail every room and space, and offer the best of our professional cleaning services. We cover easily accessible areas as well as less accessible ones. In our interpretation, general cleanliness means the thorough cleaning of all small corners and surfaces in a house or space.

The service includes:

  • – vacuuming and cleaning floors
  • – cleaning carpets
  • – removing spider webs
  • – dust removal
  • – exterior cleaning of furniture
  • – cleaning of sockets, switches, lighting and plinths
  • – cleaning of office equipment (telephone, fax, xerox)
  • – cleaning the exterior of appliances (cooker, fridge, microwave, stove)
  • – cleaning and disinfection of ceramic surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen
  • – cleaning and disinfection of the toilet bowl, sink, bathtub, shower
  • – vacuuming the upholstery of sofas, chairs, armchairs
  • – disposing of household rubbish, changing garbage bags

If maintaining cleanliness consumes too much of your energy and precious time, it is time to call Dakota Cleaning Service. Maintenance cleaning operations (or Quick Cleaning as we named it) complements the General Cleaning packages and can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your needs.

The service includes:

  • – vacuuming and cleaning easily accessible floors
  • – dust and spider web removal
  • – exterior cleaning of furniture and office equipment
  • – cleaning doors
  • – cleaning mirrors
  • – exterior cleaning of appliances (cooker, fridge, microwave, stove)
  • – cleaning the bathroom and kitchen
  • – garbage disposal